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Saints punter gets “random” NFL drug test the day after booting 81-yard bomb

August 22, 2022

The NFL has more open secrets than your Thanksgiving dinner table. From painkiller abuse to concussions to whatever is happening within the Washington Commanders organization at any given moment, there’s a litany of truths so plainly obvious they don't even need to be made explicit. One such item is the NFL’s “random” drug tests, which aren’t really all that random. Just ask New Orleans punter Blake Gillikin, who booted this 81-yard bomb on Saturday …

… and woke up to this text on Sunday …

If Gillikin had shanked that 31 yards out of bounds, would he still be getting a subpoena from NFL Drug Test HQ? It’s really hard to imagine. Drug testing punters two weeks before the start of the season has to be pretty far down the priority list, but when a guy nukes one end zone to end zone, he’s bound to raise a few eyebrows.

No word yet on if Gillikin passed his drug test, but let’s hope this punt is au natural, preservative free, the real McCoy. Because if it’s real, then it’s spectacular.