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Tennessee-Georgia is now the most expensive regular-season college football game of all time

November 03, 2022

On Saturday, no. 1 Tennessee squares off against no. 3 Georgia between the iconic hedges of Sanford Stadium. The SEC East—to say nothing of a spot in the College Football Playoff—hangs in the balance. It’s the biggest game for the Volunteers this century. Even with a top-10 matchup between Alabama and LSU waiting in primetime, all eyes will be trained squarely on Athens, and the ticket prices back that up. Brace yourself for some sticker shock, football fans.

$626 actual U.S. dollars just to get in the door. Over $5,000 for the bougie booster seats. All for a regular-season AMATEUR football game. If you thought “It Just Means More” was only a marketing slogan, think again. People are remortgaging their homes for a front-row seat to the SEC showdown of the season, and honestly, we can’t blame them. Tennessee’s offense is an unstoppable force and Georgia’s defense is an immovable object. When those two things meet, there’s always crunching sheet metal and flames.

If you’re worried about selling your kids’ college fund down the river to attend some stranger’s kids’ college football game, however, here’s a pro belligerent amateur tip: Vegas currently has Tennessee—the no. 1 team in the nation with the no. 1 offense in the nation—at +8.5. Too good to be true? Bait? Almost certainly, but put a couple bucks on the Vols to cover and those tickets might just pay for themselves.