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TaylorMade's planned luxury resort featuring hitting bays in every suite is every golfer's dream

August 17, 2023

Courtesy of The Bays (via Front Office Sports)

If you're like many golfers on a golf trip, you've done some practice putting in your hotel room. Heck, we've seen certain tour pros bold enough to try trick shots through their sliding glass doors and even turn their rooms into makeshift driving ranges. Golfers can be real sickos. And now, those obsessed with the game won't have to put their clubs down after turndown service at one future resort.

Introducing Bays Golf Experience and Suites, a joint venture between equipment giant TaylorMade and The Bays, which was first reported by Front Office Sports. This new luxury golf resort will be the latest addition to the PGA of America's spectacular new Frisco, Texas, headquarters, and it truly looks like a golfer's paradise.

According to FSO, there will be driving range-style hitting bays, a 25,000-square-foot putting green, a 100-foot wide TV screen, and custom club fitting (of course). But what sets this place apart is that it's also a luxury hotel with a rooftop pool, a restaurant/bar, and 24 suites—each with their own private hitting bays! Talk about a golfer's paradise. Take a look at some of the rendered images:

Pretty snazzy, huh?

“TaylorMade is thrilled to build out a new custom fitting center at The Bays in Frisco. We look forward to welcoming players from around the world and helping them improve their game with the most advanced and innovative products TaylorMade offers,” TaylorMade CEO David Abeles said in a statement.

And golfers of all abilities look forward to staying there after its expected opening in spring 2025. They just might not get much sleep.