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Swiss skier Fabian Bosch "rides" the escalator in crazy fashion, is our new favorite Olympic athlete

February 12, 2018

Until five minutes ago, I'd never heard of Swiss skier Fabian Bosch. In fact, the only skier I've ever heard of is Lindsey Vonn, mainly because she's Tiger Woods' ex, but she's been out of the sport for years. (** Googles Lindsey Vonn **) Wait, she's still skiing?! And she's in these Olympics?! Go Lindsey!

Anyway, back to Bosch, who is now my new favorite Olympic athlete (not named Lindsey Vonn, of course) and it has nothing to do with his prowess on the slopes (Look how I casually dropped some skiing lingo). Instead, it's how he rides an escalator. Although, we're not sure "rides" is the right word. Check it out:

That's some solid upper-body strength right there. No wonder this guy (** Googles Fabian Bosch **) won a world championship in 2015. Good luck in PyeongChang this week, Fabian. We'll be, um, pulling for you.