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Congrats to Steve Kerr for picking up the most pointless technical foul in NBA history

April 28, 2021

It was a rough night for Steve Kerr, but we'll start with a positive: The man didn't give up.

No, Kerr kept coaching hard even as his Golden State Warriors were run off their home court by the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday. Well, he kept badgering the refs, that is.

The Mavs closed the first quarter on a ridiculous 25-0 run and were up 33 points early in the third quarter. By all accounts, the game was over. And yet Kerr flipped out on the officials over a perceived missed double dribble to pick up arguably the most pointless technical foul in NBA history. Check it out:

Way to keep battling, Steve. Although, that's going to cost you a few thousand bucks as well. Again, pointless. And again, it was a rough night as the Warriors fought back from a 43-point deficit at one point to. . . lose by only 30.

Kerr was already trending on Twitter because his team was getting blown out and people were calling his coaching ability into question. Once hailed as the genius behind three NBA titles, Kerr is finding out that winning isn't as easy when you don't have a stacked squad of healthy Hall-of-Famers. And fans are piling on as the Warriors fell to 31-31, and are in danger of missing the playoffs for a second straight season.

But never fear, Steve, because we still think you're super smart for taking the Warriors job instead of going to the Knicks. OK, so it didn't take a genius to make that decision at the time.

In any event, don't sweat it, Steve. It will be golf season for you soon enough.