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Suave Steve Kerr turns innocent sideline interview into steamy double entendre

As coach of the Golden State Warriors dynasty, you'd think Steve Kerr would play the role of the villain, especially given that he got to add Kevin Durant to his already stacked super-team in 2016. Since then they've done nothing but dominate the entire NBA, becoming the league's most-hated team in the process.

Through it all, Kerr's popularity has only risen to Gregg Popovich levels with NBA fans. He's smart, has a great sense of humor and often answers questions literally, just like Pop, which people love (see: Leonard, Kawhi). What people really love, well, Twitter people, many of whom are sick in the head, is a little sexual innuendo, something Kerr is apparently quite good at as well.

Prior to the NBA Finals, Kerr caught up with Guillermo Rodriguez, also known as Jimmy Kimmel's security guard who has now become Kimmel's sidekick. Kimmel sent Rodriguez to NBA Media Day prior to the NBA Finals, and he did not disappoint (you can watch the full video here). The best moment came when Rodriguez asked Kerr if he was "excited for threesome?" What Rodriguez meant was three-peat, something the Warriors could accomplish by winning a third straight NBA Finals this year. Kerr corrected him ... sort of:

Ayeeee O! Steve you dog you! Credit to he and Guillermo for making this probably very-scripted joke look and sound real. Kerr can do it all, including taking a ton of heat from his wife since this has since gone viral and he has to face her. As for the actual three-peat, that is shockingly in doubt following Golden State's Game 3 blowout loss via the Toronto Raptors at home on Wednesday night. We'll see if the Warriors can get healthy, make this thing a series and get that threesome three-peat they so desire.