Like Father, Like son

Steve Belichick had a very Belichick-ian response to becoming a meme

October 14, 2021

Remember last week? You might not. We wouldn’t blame you. It was a while ago. But if you do manage to dredge one thing, it’s probably Steve Belichick’s tongue, wagging around inside your brain, ceaselessly probing the nooks and crannies of your tortured psyche. Ringing any bells?

That was the New England Patriots outside linebackers coach during Week 5’s fated Sunday Night Football matchup between Tom Brady's current and former employers. Brady eventually triumphed in his return to Gillette Stadium, but it was Yung Belichick that made all the headlines, his hyperactive papillae racking up millions of views in a few short hours.

So great was the groundswell, in fact, that news of it eventually made it back to Belichick in his Faraday Cage, as he mumbled to reporters this week …

“It is what it is.” “Nothing I can do about that.” These could be the titles of Bill Belichick’s memoir. We wouldn’t be surprised if they’re posted above the locker door for the players to see each and every day. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This one hasn’t even dropped yet.

Meanwhile, the Patriots are gearing up for a big 4:25 p.m. tilt against the Cowboys on Sunday. Expect Belichick to keep his tongue sheathed, for no other reason than to not have to talk about it.