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Steph Curry is now pulling up from just inside half court and burying threes because he can

Golden State Warriors v Indiana Pacers

Andy Lyons

We told you two weeks ago it was over. The Golden State Warriors snapped out of their funk, they've caught fire. It's time to give up any hopes that another team could make the NBA Finals, or even give Golden State a scare in said Finals. We tried to kill them. Twice, actually. Wait, no, three times. All futile attempts.

This point was hammered home on Monday night, when the Warriors rolled into Indiana as only seven-point favorites despite being on a 10-game winning streak in which they've won by an average margin of 16 points. Not to mention the fact the Pacers are without star guard Victor Oladipo for the remainder of the season. Letdown spot? Hardly. The Warriors won by 32, and they did it with only one of their starters playing more than 30 minutes. Steph Curry played just 27 minutes, and he made the most of it, scoring 26 points on 10-for-13 shooting, and he went 6-for-8 from three. The most impressive of those six treys came just before halftime, when Curry literally crossed half court, pulled up and buried one. This is frightening for the rest of the NBA:

That's double ... nay ... TRIPLE NBA range. When Steph starts pulling up like this without a care in the world, it's pretty much a wrap. We're two weeks out from All-Star weekend and yet the season is already over. Fun while it lasted I guess.

Speaking of the All-Star break, this question has been making the rounds on Twitter:

I'd legitimately consider betting on the Warriors -4.5.