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Steph Curry is back, the Warriors are back. Let's just fast forward to the Finals and get it over with

New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors

Ezra Shaw

Remember when we all tried our very hardest to kill the Golden State Warriors? That was cute. To be fair, they did give us reason to hashtagdone them. There was that time Kevin Durant was miffed over not getting the ball from Draymond Green late in a November loss to the Clippers. Speaking of Green, he's been awful all year, and he did peg Klay Thompson in the face with the basketball (okay, so maybe that was on accident). Then there was Steph Curry's injury, which caused him to miss 11 games, six of which the Warriors lost. It did appear as though there was trouble in paradise, or we all just desperately hoped that was the case.

It took all of nine games for that narrative to completely die. The Warriors have won eight of those nine, losing only to the Houston Rockets on a miraculous late three-pointer from James Harden. In three of their last four wins, they've scored 142 points or more. The scariest part for the rest of the league has been the play of Curry, who has averaged 33 points over this 8-1 stretch, including a 48-point night against Dallas and a 41-point night on Wednesday against New Orleans. Here he was in the third quarter hitting seven of his nine three-pointers to erase a double-digit deficit:

He finished the night shooting 9-for-17 from three, and he's gone 28-for-49 from beyond the arc in the last three games. How's this for a stat:

Or this:

Worst of all is that it looks they are having fun again, quieting any more talk of locker room disfunction. The Warriors being dead was fun while it lasted. We might as well just fast forward to the NBA Finals and get it over with.