Smooth Moves

Stefon Diggs jumps through table during Pro Bowl skills competition, cements himself as a Bills Mafia legend

February 04, 2022

Stefon Diggs lost the Pro Bowl Best Catch Skills Showdown. In fact, he lost to his younger brother, Trevon, who isn't even a wide receiver. But none of that really matters because Stefon still won something much more important: The love from Bills Mafia. Forever.

Diggs was unquestionably one of this fanbase's favorites following two productive seasons in Buffalo, but he cemented himself as a legend by breaking through a table—the signature move of this loyal/lunatic group—to make a catch during the competition. Have a look:

Of course, it's one thing to do it with the table on top of some serious padding, and tt's another to do it with a concrete parking lot beneath. Seriously, those people are maniacs. The ones who survived, that is. Oh, and this is also your reminder that the NFL Pro Bowl is happening this weekend. Yeah, we don't care, either.

Anyway, nicely done, Stefon. You'll never have to buy a drink as long as you live in Buffalo.