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St. Bonaventure out of NIT after buses to NYC catch fire, have emergency hatches fly off, get pulled over by police

So you’re thinking about taking a bus to New York City. Folks, let us stop you right there. Do not do it. We don’t care how cheap you think it is or how badly you need to get there, we promise it is not worth it. It’s a gamble you will lose ten times out of ten. Dream up the most unimaginable hellscape possible. Now assume it’s real. Picture yourself, soul broken and bleeding, crawling over the George Washington Bridge into Washington Heights. You think you’re home free, that your nightmare is finally over … only to realize your driver has made the decision to go block to block for 81 excruciating red lights and if you want to get off the ride and take the subway, saving you hours, you will be told to sit down and shut up.

But maybe you don’t believe us. We’re here for entertainment, after all. Maybe we’re sensationalizing. It can’t possibly be that bad, can it? Well, just ask St. Bonaventure men’s basketball, who is out of the NIT on Wednesday following the ‘Twisted Metal’ of NYC bus journeys on Tuesday.

A fire on one bus. An emergency hatch blowing off another. State Troopers in the rear view and the entire student section marooned on the side of the highway for hours ahead of the team’s big MSG showdown with Xavier. You might think this is an extreme example. You might logically point the finger at the bus company and their fleet of lemons. But the flames, the flying debris, the flashing red and blues, they all bow to one dark lord:

The NYC bus trip.

It’s a small miracle the Bonnies fans even made it to the game at all, but clearly the strain of their trevails was too great, as the team fell 84-77 to the Friars. Here’s hoping the fans and players eased the pain with some Shake Shack and hopped the next flight back to Erie, because there’s no way in a frozen-over hell they were getting back on a bus after that. No chance.