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Spring training cat on the loose, baseball is back

March 01, 2023

The Red Sox beat the Marlins 7-2 on Tuesday night. Triston Casas had three RBIs and—none of this matters. There was a cat on the loose during the seventh inning.

Perhaps it was just because of the much-ballyhooed seventh-inning stretch, but a cat skedaddled across the diamond, and we couldn’t be happier to officially announce that baseball is back.

There’s nothing better than when an animal or two decides it’s time to join the festivities, except for the Randy Johnson bird fiasco, but let’s not get into that.

You know that cat has a dynamite speed out of the box. And such agility, almost making its way into an announcer’s hair. That’s just good old-fashioned cat content.

With all of these attempts to make the games zippier and more compelling, perhaps adding some cat escapades to every seventh inning might be the way to bring in a younger fanbase. A purrfect idea right there.