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South Carolina couple arrested on a golf course and it wasn't for playing golf

If you play enough golf, at some point you'll either hear or utter the phrase "I just couldn't score on that golf course." One couple in South Carolina brought new meaning to that phrase over the weekend, and folks, I'm not talking about birdies and bogeys.

According to a report from The Herald of Rock Hill, S.C., a Tega Cay resident called the police at around 7:30 PM on Sunday night when they saw something strange happening in the eighth fairway of Tega Cay Golf Club. Someone throwing a tantrum after a shank? Nope. A deer in the fairway? Nope.

After realizing his initial thought, that it was a medical situation, was wrong, the resident pulled out his binoculars and looked closer, only to find out it was two people having sex. How romantic.

The 19-year-old girl and 24-year-old boy were each arrested and charged with indecent exposure, and 'were instructed multiple times' to stop what they were doing and clothe themselves. Clearly, they were just trying to get the round in before dark.

Between this, the Minnesota golf club embezzlement scheme, and the brawl in South Africa, August has been quite the month for golf course crime.