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Today in golf fights: Watch a big brawl break out on a South African golf course

August 10, 2017

The world's best golfers began their fight over the Wanakamer Trophy at the 99th PGA Championship on Thursday, but when it comes to actual golf fights, what happened on Saturday at a South African golf course caught our attention. As reported by Dispatch Live, a brawl broke out at Windsor Park Golf Course in Durban. And a couple of women caught the whole thing on camera from above and provided running commentary.

"What's the matter with you?!" one of them shouts at one point. "You're on a golf course!"

Great point. They also reminded those involved in the melee numerous times that they "got you all on camera!"

One eyewitness, Samantha Purday, gave her account of what happened to Dispatch Live.

“It happened early on Saturday morning. I am not sure what the argument was about," Purdy said. "I just heard a lot of shouting then I saw that there was a big punch-up‚ so I don’t know what the hell the situation was about."

However, the woman who posted the video to the Durban Crime N All Facebook page seemed to think the fight was racially motivated. In any event, here it is (WARNING: Explicit language):

And yes, as is the case with most golf fights, very few punches were actually landed.