One Too Many Guinness

Shane Lowry signing a fan’s bald head at the JP McManus Pro-Am is proof the Euros remain the craziest golf fans on earth

While the good old red white and blue might hold a numerical advantage on the Ryder Cup wins chart, there is one thing we Yanks always finish second in cup after cup:


Sure, sure. We get plenty drunk. We don our Tiger suits and shout about our taters, but when it comes to the truly bizarre and deranged, European golf galleries have lapped us and are coming around again. Perhaps it’s because the UK pint is 20% larger. Perhaps it’s because they’ve been at it longer. Perhaps it’s just birthright. Whatever the case may be, no one embodied the phenomena better than this JP McManus Pro-Am attendee on Tuesday, who asked Shane Lowry to sign not a ball nor hat nor scorecard, but the top of his own bald head. Behold.

Now don’t get us wrong, Lowry—the 2019 Champion Golfer of the Year, at Royal Portrush no less—is a pretty big deal on the Emerald Isle. But we also saw Lowry come out rocking Celtics garb at the U.S. Open five miles from Boston. No one was asking him to sign their dome piece in Brookline, and those are some of the sickest sports fans on earth. This isn't just another nation of crazy. It's another stratosphere.

Regardless, we hope this maniac enjoyed Lowry’s signature while it lasted, because something tells us the missus was waiting for him at home, soap and scrub brush at the ready.