Solving Problems With Violence

Rangers folk hero Sean Avery weighs in on the Tom Wilson saga in most Sean Avery way imaginable

By discussing the Tom Wilson saga for a third day, we've officially gone well past the "just get over it already" point. The problem with that, of course, is that the Washington Capitals return to Madison Square Garden to face the New York Rangers on Wednesday night, and all eyes will be on what was supposed to be a meaningless game since the NYR have been eliminated from playoff contention.

But thanks to Wilson's antics, and the NHL's complete lack of common sense, this game now has plenty of meaning. Will the Rangers retaliate? Can they even attempt to retalitate without anyone on the roster that can match Wilson's size? Will they go after someone else on the team? Will they back down, tuck their tail between their legs and allow that semi-over-the-top statement to be all they say on the matter?

Sean Avery, a former Ranger who remains a franchise folk hero for his role as the team's Tom Wilson during his tenure, knows exactly what he would do. In a "Cameo" appearance on Tuesday, Avery, who last laced 'em up in 2012, laid out his very simple solution for handling Wilson, and it doesn't even involve going after Wilson himself.

"First of all, I'd love to have a time machine," Avery says, adding, "Because I'd go back in time. I wouldn't go after Wilson, OK? Hopefully, all the boys would say 'you know what, we'll cover the fine.' I would dump the puck in slowly so that Braden Holtby or whoever the goaltender was for the Capitals had to come out and play the puck, and I would run through him like a f---ing bulldozer. And that would send a message, that would let the Washington Capitals know that there's repercussions. When you take out our star player, you're going to feel it. It's as simple as that." 

Beautifully said, and for the haters who are going to say Holtby plays in Vancouver now, maybe you should read it more carefully. He's in a time machine. Try to keep up. 

Of course, the written word simply does not do Avery justice. Have a watch:

Eloquent AF. For those wondering, "Fatso" is Martin Brodeur, who Avery has a wee bit of history with. Would love to see No. 16 on the ice tonight, because, as a diehard Ranger fan, I worry there will be little to no payback for Wilson's garbage from Monday. I'm begging them to prove me wrong, though.