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If hoodies offend you, these new photos of Justin Bieber on the course might actually be fatal

Remember last fall when hoodies became golf's Hot Button Issue in golf for like two weeks? Yeah, neither do we, but the point is that no matter how far we come as a society or sport, appropriate golf attire will always be a source of debate. Enter Justin Bieber (you remember him, right?), who stepped to the tee in the wee hours of Monday morning to plaster the Jackson Pollock of controversial golf fits all over Instagram. Needless to say, if high tops make you queasy and sweatshirts give you cold sweats, you may want to look away.

As much as we here at The Loop love us some pucks, the ol’ CC probably isn’t the best place for you Doug (not Happy) Gilmour authentic. Plus jorts are always a tough sell, especially if they’re riding above your upper thigh or below your lower calf. Thankfully Biebs’ other fit was slightly more venue appropriate, channeling The Masters’ iconic caddie whites.

Try not to get your beige pleated knickers in a knot, though. As it turns out, the trio weren't hitting the links for some Sunday relaxation, but instead to shoot a music video for DJ Khaled's new single "Let It Go." Those two activities require very different wardrobes, or so we hear. Whether suting and booting for an actual round or the Grammy's, however, we’re taking 21 Savage and his retro-modern look ten times out of ten. Not bad, man. Not bad at all . . .