Scott Stallings on becoming one of the PGA Tour's fittest players, and the bad habit he had to kick to get in shape

January 14, 2020

Stan Badz

Last week, our own Ron Kaspriske joined the Golf Digest Podcast to talk about ways to get into golf shape in 2020. This week, we talked to one of the fittest golfers on the planet. At some point, we're hoping our listeners—and yes, us hosts—start benefitting via osmosis.

But seriously, Scott Stallings' transformation from self-described "biggun" to one of the most shredded players on the PGA Tour, has been remarkable. The 34-year-old has shedded some 55 pounds and more than his body fat percentage through a lot of hard work and some major changes off the course.

Ahead of his first tournament of the year, the three-time PGA Tour pro put down the kettlebells long enough to talk to us about how—and why—he flipped this fitness switch. Stallings also told us about his sweet backyard gym setup, his calves Twitter "battle" with Phil Mickelson, and the bad habit he had to kick in order to get in shape.

Also, Sam Weinman and Daniel Rapaport joined me to discuss another crazy finish in Hawaii, Pete Dye's legacy, and that viral video of Charlie Woods' golf swing. Plus, Stephen Hennessey and Christopher Powers stopped by to give their best bets for the American Express and recap a couple of all-time bad beat in the NFL Playoffs. Please have a listen: