Hold the Phone

If the deal the 49ers reportedly offered the Packers for Aaron Rodgers is true, it could shatter the 2021 NFL Draft into a million little pieces

The 2021 NFL Draft has the chance to go down as the single greatest quarterback draft in NFL history. It feels like we say that every year, but this year it’s especially true, with a record-breaking five quarterbacks in the first 10 picks not just a possible scenario, but a likely one. Yet with all that talent on the board, a trade up to number three overall, and weeks of rumors about their fixation on Alabama signal caller Mac Jones, the 49ers reportedly have their heart set on a former game show host. Ch-ch-check it.

Woweeeee. This all comes with the caveat that this is could be, in technical front-office jargon, comeplete bullsh*t. Bill here has a blue check mark, but since when has that ever stopped anyone from saying something patently false on Twitter? Plus it’s not even his report, it’s Vikings play-by-play announcer and KFAN radio personality Paul Allen, who, as a Purple People Eater, definitely has some skin in the get-Rodgers-the-hell-out-of-the-NFC-North game. You can hear the soundbite below, if you want to put it to the personal polygraph.

But let’s say for the sake of some good ol’ fashioned football fun that this is true, and the 49ers really are prepared to essentially forfeit this year’s draft (plus Jimmy G) in exchange for Rodgers, a la the Saints and Ricky Williams in ‘99. If that’s truly the case, there is now a scenario in play at number-three overall tonight that could shatter the 2021 NFL Draft into a million little pieces and send Mel Kiper Jr. running for an early bathroom break. Needless to say, don’t tune in late.