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Sam Bennett might be the new golfer of the people, packing Zyns from random fans at the U.S. Open

We understand Bryson DeChambeau won the U.S. Open, not just lifting the trophy but also transforming his image among golf fans. We’re not here to take away from Bryson’s new stardom. But we are here to report on the important stuff, like Sam Bennett becoming the real golfer of the people.

The spotlight first shined on Sam Bennett at last year’s Masters, where he played with Jon Rahm and Brooks Koepka in the final pairing in the third round. It’s been quiet for Bennett since then, as he’s had some middling finishes on the Korn Ferry Tour since then. But the U.S. Open was a success—making the cut for the second time in a PGA Tour event in 2024.

That’s when Bennett did something simple that might grow his fandom. A group of college-aged kids found Bennett—out of contention and needing a little boost—and had a couple of tins of the ever-popular nicotine pouches that all the kids are doing. Of course, Bennett is just a year removed from college, so he surely has had a lot of exposure to the product.

Bennett had the perfect reaction to this group, grabbing some lip pillows from his new friends.

Look, Bennett finished third to last at Pinehurst, struggling as many did over the weekend with rounds of 77-79. We’re not here to endorse the product (take them at your own warning), but as someone who does actually enjoy Zyns on the golf course, I can relate to the 2022 U.S. Amateur champ particularly needing one when he was about 25-30 shots over par.

Also the fact that Bennett was a U.S. Open participant and trusted a group of random bros to grab a Zyn from them is next level. It's nice to see that level of trust in America these days ... another reason why golf is the best. 

Sometimes you need a little boost. And Bennett did more to make himself relatable to the common man than anything Bryson did over the weekend. Bennett and Bryson to the moon.