Grow Up

Wild Father’s Day golf-course brawl goes viral (and you won’t believe what started it)

Golf course fights. They’re almost hotter than Bryson right now. Everywhere you look, golfers are turning serene country clubs into backyard Kimbo Slice brawls, including these smooth-brained knuckle-draggers, who used Father’s Day as a perfect opportunity to teach their kids how NOT to act when they grow up. [Warning: NSFW language ahead].

A Ronald McDonald family reunion has fewer clowns than this. But if you think a six-way golf course rumble on Father’s Day is dumb, just wait until you hear what started it.

Unbelievable. Imagine thinking you’re owed a four-foot gimme for the match so completely and deeply that you’re willing to punch another person in the face over it—especially after you just proved you shouldn’t be given the putt by bricking it. The mind boggles.

Needless to say, we hope these stooges walked away with a couple of concussions, a few broken hands and a missing tooth or two. We wouldn’t wish violence on anybody, but the longer these guys are off the golf course, the better.