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Saddle up for photos of Dustin Johnson wearing a cowboy hat at Paulina Gretzky's brother's wedding

While the Bear Trap claimed a new set victims this weekend, it was an off-week for Dustin Johnson. And as we all know, an off-week for DJ can only mean thing: A new grip of Instagram content from other half Paulina Gretzky, usually from some far flung locale, often not wearing much in the way of fabric. Such was the case once again on Saturday, when golf's first couple attended Paulina's brother Ty's wedding and DJ was found donning matching cowboy hats with the bride. Yes, we said cowboy hats. Saddle up, folks.

Image from iOS.png

Please note the "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" caption in the bottom left. A little awkward given that's the bride and the groom's sister's boyfriend, but hey, maybe they're just big Big & Rich fans??

10-gallon Stetsons and double entendres aside, Paulina and DJ also enjoyed some dancing (nice dip DJ!) . . .

. . . group photo ops . . .

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. . . friends . . .

Image from iOS (2).png

. . . and, of course, a few saloon libations.

Image from iOS (3).png

Unforgiven this ain't, but still, it's good to see everyone enjoying themselves, especially ahead of majors season when DJ won't have quite as much time for his true passion: Wyatt Earp cosplay. Oh, and speaking of majors season, make sure check back during Masters Par 3 Contest for more Paulina Gretzky wearing all white. A tradition unlike any other, indeed.