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Masters 2021: Ryan Fitzpatrick has Masters style down to a hard science

Make no mistake, the Masters is as much fashion show as it is golf tournament. The purists among us may find such a claim offensive, but consider the annual merch-a-palooza and the fact that the first big story of Masters Thursday was Brooks Koepka’s all-pink drip, and they simply don’t have solid ground to stand on. But while the players draw most the attention—Sandy Lyle’s suspenders, Patrick Reed’s burner sponsors being other standout examples—patron style is just as important and, perhaps, even more difficult to properly execute.

Well, at least for mere mortals, which Ryan “Fitzmasters” Fitzpatrick is not.

That’s Fitz at the Augusta National on Friday. Chubbies shirt, Yeti trucker, fold-up chair slung over the shoulder; shorts clocking in at a perfect 8”, leaving just enough to the imagination. Then you have the stance and beard, all of which scream "hell yeah, I have seven kids, what are you going to do to stop me?" It’s casual but not offensive, zany but not kooky, masculine but still modern. It’s God tier from fro-to-toe, and if you one day dream of setting foot on the hallowed pine straw of ANGC, you better be pinning this to the mood board.

As for the man he’s watching, Mr. Jordan Spieth, well, here’s hoping he’s taking a page out of the ol’ Fitzmagic spell book, because whatever this is, it’s not working.