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Rory McIlroy won't let his wife cut his hair, is starting to look like a wild animal

May 14, 2020

Like most people the past two months, Rory McIlroy has faced the all-timportant quarantine question of what to do with your hair? Unlike some (*cough* Brooks Koepka *cough*), Rory has resisted doing anything drastic.

But while that's probably for the best—Seriously, did you see how Brooks' girlfriend butchered his hair?—it has also left McIlroy's mane looking more like something you'd see in the wild.

In a Wednesday interview to promote Sunday's TaylorMade Driving Relief event, Rory revealed his lockdown look, and. . . wow. See for yourself:

Good lord. That looks gnarlier than U.S. Open rough.

Of course, this is a guy who has had quite the varied look up top throughout his career. In fact, The Loop put together this fun video documenting his hair history last year (Where else can you get this kind of in-depth coverage of your favorte golfers?):

But as noted in Wednesday's interview, Rory has refused to let his wife, Erica, cut his hair during the lockdown. The man may have the same amount of majors as Brooks Koepka, but it seems like he has more sense when it comes to grooming.

As McIlroy mentioned, it's best to let the pros handle the hair, and he's "so happy" barbershops have reopened in Florida. Just in time. He's got to look good for the cameras come Sunday.