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Rory McIlroy pioneers one-handed club twirl, explains his innovative new move

November 21, 2022

Golf as a sport is in a period of great disruption. Distance, fitness, the OWGR, and, of course, the overall power structure of the planet’s professional leagues; seemingly everything has been turned on its head, shaken vigorously, and placed upright again. Not even the tried-and-true club twirl is safe, as Rory McIlroy demonstrated at the star-studded DP World Tour Championship this weekend, taking one hand off the wheel for his exciting new innovation. Witness the future.

Golf history is littered with players flinging their clubs halfway to the space station only to hit it to three feet. This is the next, slightly saucier, evolution of that—taking Tiger’s '09 Presidents Cup twirl to exciting new heights. Here’s McIlroy on his new signature move.

Essentially, it didn’t feel great, but it looked pretty and went where he wanted it too, so he improvised at the last second. Tough life, Rors. If only we could all be so lucky.