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Tour pro casually flips club into the woods, ball ends up 11 feet from the hole

September 30, 2022

To reach the PGA Tour, you need to be a bit of a perfectionist. But even the best players in the world know what a "good miss" is, and which holes it can come in handy on. Well, maybe not Hideki Matsuyama, whose good misses often involve shoulder-slumping and club drops. He's the perfectionist to end all perfectionists. 

Yet not even Matsuyama could have been as disgusted with a "good miss" as Emiliano Grillo was on Friday at the Sanderson Farms Championship. At the par-3 13th hole, already at five under on his round, Grillo stepped to the tee hunting for another birdie. After impact, however, he casually flipped his club into some high grass left off the 13th tee box, which is generally an indcation that a player has woefully mis-hit it. 

That was not the case here, as Grillo's ball ended up ... wait for it ... 11 feet from the hole. 11 feet!

Even if the ball missed the green entirely, this would have been an overreaction, though we'd understand it given it's a short, straightforward 146-yard shot for a player of his caliber. But a club toss for an 11-foot birdie putt? That's a bit much, Emiliano. 

Of course, Grillo is among the best ball-strikers on the planet, so any mis-hit for him is very noticeable. Still, no matter how bad it felt off the club, the ensuing result was not worthy of the ol' club throw, as casually hilarious as it was.