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Robin Lopez is your no good, very bad loser of the night

January 02, 2020
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Humility in victory, dignity in defeat. That might sound like the refrigerator magnet of a guy who still does CrossFit and has a Marines bumper sticker on his pickup truck even though he was never actually in the Marines, but in the sports world, it still holds true. Win good and lose good and you'll keep your name out of the mouth of websites like this. Unfortunately Robin Lopez didn't get the memo, because on Wednesday night the Bucks' big man got brutally posterized by Grizzlies rook Jarret Culver, but instead of taking it on the chin like an NBA vet should, Lopez took offense to the soul-stomping dunk, chasing Culver all the way back down the court to ask the all-important question:

Why'd you have to do me like that, man?

OK, so in all fairness, Culver doesn't look great here either. You just ruined this man's New Year. His children will never look at him the same. You don't have to jaw at him. The dunk says it all already. The refs tee'd up Culver for his histrionics, though. Justice served. But somehow Lopez didn't get a technical of his own for acting like a 7-foot-tall man-child, shoving opposing players out of the way and doing a lot of angry finger pointing. The refs should have just bought him a new LEGO set and a Happy Meal and called it a night.

Lopez's precious ego should count itself lucky it was on the receiving end of Jarret's dunk and not his brother's JJ's recent 100-point, Mamba-esque college shoot-a-thon, however. If this is how the fragile fro handles a simple regular-season dunk, who knows how he would have reacted to having triple digits hung on him. Something tell us it would take a hell of a lot more than a Happy Meal to cheer him up though . . .