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Reigning Champion Golfer of the Year Brian Harman spent much of the offseason … killing beavers?

January 05, 2024

Tracy Wilcox

Someone alert the British press! Brian Harman is talking about killing animals again!

In case you forgot, the American's love of hunting became a major storyline during his maiden major win at the Open Championship last year. Actually, there's a good chance golf fans forgot about that because many probably forgot it was Harman who hoisted the claret jug at Royal Liverpool. (Sorry, Brian. We promise we didn't forget about you!)

Anyway, back to the animal stuff. Harman began his Q&A with the media on Thursday by addressing the biggest problem he had to deal with during the offseason: beavers. Not that he hunts beavers. But apparently, these furry rodents were wreaking havoc on his farm in Georgia. And he had to deal with them. Here's the exchange:

Q. Let's forget the golf. Let's talk about the beaver.

BRIAN HARMAN: You want to talk about the beavers?

Q. Let's talk about the beaver.

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, sure, man.

Q. What happened?

BRIAN HARMAN: No, we got these very aggravating beavers building their cities and so we're really mad at 'em.

Q. How did you take care of it? What club?

BRIAN HARMAN: (Laughing). An MB-750 is what we did. (Laughing). For those that know will know (laughing).

Then after one question about Harman's round—by the way, he shot an opening 67—there were a couple more about his, um, interesting offseason.

Q. How did you spend the off-season?

BRIAN HARMAN: A lot of farming, man.

Q. Killing beavers.

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, yeah. Just spent a lot of time down at the farm and just unwinding from the year. It was a crazy year, so I needed some down time, for sure.

Having to deal with a massive rodent problem on a farm by killing beavers doesn't sound like unwinding to me! But then again, neither does doing any farm-related chore. And this is a guy who celebrated his Open win by hopping on a tractor to mow grass, so to each his own!

By the way, I looked up what an MB-750 is, because I thought Harman was making some kind of joke about a new set of irons he's playing. Well, it might be made out of iron, but this is definitely not an iron you'd see on the golf course!


Yikes. Poor beavers.

According to our Joel Beall this all led to Harman going on a seven-minute rant about how the scent of beavers is what led to western expansion. But alas, that didn't make the transcript. Anyway, that's what the reigning Champion Golfer of the Year has been up to. In addition to shooting that Thursday 67.