Did the media take the hunting narrative too far with Brian Harman?

As members of the media, we realize this headline is the literal version of that "We're all trying to find the guy who did this!" meme featuring Tim Robinson in a hot dog costume. But we weren't actually the ones across the pond at the Open Championship this past weekend who were peppering Brian Harman with questions about his hunting hobby, which was called "controversial" in numerous headlines and articles.

It even reached a point where Harman was being billed as a gun-toting madman who SHOOTS TO KILL. Meanwhile, as Harman was quick to point out during his victory press conference, he uses a bow to hunt animals, animals that he butchers and eats himself, or gives it to family and friends who will. As he told our very own Shane Ryan back in 2014, he even waits until deer are "mature" before killing them. 

"It's the ultimate respect for our position on the food chain, you know what I mean?" Harman said. 

In other words, Harman isn't simply going out in the woods and firing his gun at will. He respects the process and the strategy behind it, and it's something he's quite passionate about. 

That brought us to our debate on this week's episode of The Loop podcast - was the "controversy" over Harman's favorite hobby a bit overblown? To hear that discussion, plus a full recap of the Open Championship and much more, please have a listen to the episode below, and like and subscribe to The Loop wherever you get your podcasts.