Athletic wear LaunchNovember 20, 2019

Ralph Lauren's newest activewear collection is an easy transition into athleisure for men

Athletic wear for the gym, the course everything in between

If you're unfamiliar with the term "athleisure," consider this your official introduction. It's a category of clothing that is athletic and designed for exercise, but also suited for everyday wear. As style becomes increasingly casual and the golf world becomes more lax on dress codes, athleisure, for men, specifically, is becoming more popular with those prioritizing comfort. But be warned: This does not give you permission to wear your ratty sweats outside the house, or worse yet, to the golf course. Pulling off an athleisure look requires polished, coordinating and well-fitting pieces—think slim joggers, light compression t-shirts and technical knit pullovers. RLX Golf has launched a line of elevated athleisure men's pieces that will help you pull off the comfortable-athletic look. Here's a first look at the collection:

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RLX Golf Tech Jersey Full-Zip Hoodie $198

Daisy Chen

This hoodie is extremely versatile, a key component in the athleisure/men's world. Available in a heather gray or navy, it's a clean look for a quick range session, workout or to wear on your day off. The soft jersey material has a ton of stretch built in, providing a comfortable-yet-mobile wear.
BUY NOW: $198
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RLX Golf Performance Jersey T-Shirt $60

Daisy Chen

If your golf club includes a gym, technical jersey workout shirts should be in your regular rotation. While dress codes aren't as common for the gym as they are on the golf course, you still want to curate a clean, polished look at your club. This workout top won't stretch out or get dirtied with sweat marks. It also has UPF 40 UV protection if you want to take it outside for tennis or paddle ball.
BUY NOW: $60

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RLX Golf Tech Jersey Jogger Pant $128

MOhamed Sadek

Joggers are the epitome of athleisure for men. They provide the comfort of a sweat pant, with a more refined look. You might be wary of the tapered-ankle trend, but from speaking to more traditional golfers, the look can definitely start to grow on you. Typically joggers warrant a slimmer fit, but with a generous amount of stretch like in these RLX pants, they'll fit comfortably on any body type.
BUY NOW: $128

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RLX Golf Compression-Lined Short $85

A gym short like these might be heavy on the athletic side of athleisure for men, and more difficult to pull off outside the gym, but definitely a worthy replacement for those dingy basketball shorts crinkled in the back of your drawer. With a length of 7 1/4-inches and several pockets, these shorts are both functional and stylish.
BUY NOW: $85

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