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Quick update on the Chiefs parade: there's already been a police chase and a man fell out of a tree

February 05, 2020

It's always fascinating to see how a championship-starved sports city celebrates when one of its teams finally gets over the hump. Not surprisingly, things usually get out of hand. In the last five years alone we saw a Cleveland fan eat horse poop off the street during the Cavaliers championship parade, and then we witnessed Eagles fans climb every pole in the city, to the point the city had to put Crisco on them to prevent fans from climbing them.

Impressively, the Chiefs parade may have already outdone the Cavs and Eagles' parades, and it's just getting started. So far, there's already been a police chase and a man with his bare ass hanging out of his jeans fell out of a tree. Yes, you read that correctly.

First up was the police chase, which resulted in the Kansas City PD taking two people into custody. Here's a clip of the very end of the pursuit:

According to KMBC News, the chase went for multiple blocks down the parade route, which sounds just a tad dangerous.

"A vehicle broke through the parade barrier on the north side of the route at 8:12 a.m.," KCPD said in a statement. "All officers on the route were immediately alerted. Clay County Sheriff's Deputies assisting KCPD deployed Stop Sticks, which the vehicle struck."

Here's another scary video, where you can see the car swerve in reverse before putting it into drive and attempting to high tail it out of there. Some people walking in the street and the people just chilling in the golf cart seem to have NO idea what's going on:

Absolute chaos. Another angle:

So yeah, HOT start for the victory parade in Kansas City. But the party had only just begun. A few hours later, a video of a man falling out of a tree began to go viral, mainly for the fact his bare ass was hanging out. Falling out of the tree helped too:

Fortunately, the man appears to be okay, which means we can laugh our asses off at him:

Why go up in the tree at a parade that doesn't appear to be PACKED with people? Probably could have gotten a fine view from the ground, where it's safe, except for the whole police chase thing. Also, why are you mooning everyone, especially on what looks like a chilly day? What an absurd way to celebrate your team winning the Super Bowl. For comedy's sake, I hope he has a wife or girlfriend to explain this to when she shows up in the emergency room. "Uh, yeah, so I was up in a tree, with my ass hanging out, and I jumped..." Good luck with that buddy!

To fans of the Buffalo Bills, the Minnesota Vikings, the Detroit Lions, and the Cleveland Browns who are watching this, you've got a tough act to follow, provided your team ever wins the Super Bowl. I'm sure many a Browns fan would trade a busted up tailbone for a Lombardi.