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Travis Kelce chugs Bud Light (the GOAT of all light beers) off Lombardi Trophy

February 04, 2020

Of the four trophies awarded to the champs of the major sports, there's only one the winners can drink from—the Stanley Cup. That changed on Tuesday, when Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce invented the "Lombardi luge," which looks exactly like you'd expect it to look.

In an Instagram post, Kelce wrote "Growing up playing hockey, I always wanted to chug out of the Stanley Cup after being crowned a Champion.... No cup on the Lombardi, so I decided to take a ride down the Lombardi Luge!!" Here's the chug in all its glory:

Innovative. Also a great way to get the coronavirus. Does he realize how many people have put their grubby paws on that over the past two days? If there's an outbreak in Kansas City this week, we know who it came from.

I must commend Kelce for his choice of suds, Bud Light, though I'm not sure he had any other choice given it's the official beer of the NFL (a contract that runs through 2022). Still, it's the superior light beer, and I'd go as far as calling it the GOAT of all light beers. Coors Light is fine. Miller Lite is garbage. But Bud Light, that's a light beer worth getting a deadly virus over.