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Patrick Mahomes knows what Travis Kelce is going to do before Travis Kelce does, according to Travis Kelce

After going down 24-0 against the Houston Texans on their home turf, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce put all of Kansas City on their backs on Sunday afternoon. Kelce finished with 10 catches, 134 yards and three touchdowns, all three of which came in the first half, giving the Chiefs a lead they would never relinquish. A quarterback and tight end hadn't looked that in sync since Peyton Manning and Dallas Clark.

How in sync are Mahomes and Kelce? During their epic comeback, Kelce could be heard telling his QB "I don't understand how you know what I'm doing and sh--," to which Mahomes responded, "I knew you would turn." Watch the clip below:

"There is nothing telling you I was going to do that," Kelce adds. "And the ball was in the air before I did it." In other words, Mahomes knows what Kelce is going to do before Kelce does it. Yeah, I'd say the two are on the same page, which should terrify the other three teams remaining in the NFL Playoffs.