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Patrick Mahomes undresses kid on the basketball court, continues to build greatest athlete of all time case

February 05, 2019

Few athletes in recent memory have burst on to the scene quite like Patrick Mahomes did this past NFL season. While he technically wasn't a rookie, this was his real first season as an NFL quarterback, and all he did was throw for 5,000 yards, 50 touchdowns and win the NFL MVP Award. He also starred in arguably the most exciting three games of the season: the 54-51 track meet with the Rams, a 38-31 primetime affair with the Seahawks and the AFC Championship Game against New England. Unfortunately, those were all losses, but that's besides the point. He was can't-miss television.

Sadly, we all did miss him on Super Bowl Sunday, a day he should have been playing on if Dee Ford had just lined up onsides. America was robbed of a lot of joy when that happened, and instead we got the lowest-scoring, most boring Super Bowl ever. But two days later, the legend of Mahomes still somehow grew thanks to video of him undressing some poor kid on a basketball court. Watch this and tell me he didn't just leap over Zion Williamson in everyone's mock NBA Draft:

Seriously, what can't this guy do? We already know he's got a hell of a golf swing. He was drafted by the Detroit Tigers, so he is obviously an elite baseball player. And now he's showing off Allen Iverson-esque crossovers in his free time, albeit against a few scrubs at the YMCA or wherever this was shot. The guy is building quite the "greatest athlete of all time" case, which is always an interesting discussion full of level-headed takes. If Mahomes laces up a pair of skates and starts dangling fools on the ice like Sidney Crosby, then the discussion is officially over.