Q School hero who had his golf clubs stolen before final-round 63 gets them back — and you won't believe how

January 04, 2019

Cody Blick became an instant Q School legend when he shot a final-round 63 on Dec. 9 just hours after discovering his golf clubs had been stolen. Incredibly, the story of how he got them back is even crazier.

On Friday, nearly a month after that stressful — but ultimately, successful — day in Arizona, Blick shared this photo of him reunited with a golf bag he thought he'd never see again. He also hinted at a bizarre tale involving his former college roommate and a homeless man:

But the details Blick told are even wilder. It began with a random Arizona woman's encounter with a homeless man, which led to her buying a set of golf clubs he had possession of for $75. Upon seeing Blick's name stamped on the bag and clubs, she Googled him and learned of his story. From there, the woman managed to track down the phone number of Blick's mom and reached out.

Needless to say, Blick was surprised to get a New Year's Day text from his mom regarding the found clubs. He was excited when photos confirmed the clubs were his, but somewhat disappointed by the condition they appeared in. Still, Blick decided they were still worth buying back. During a follow-up phone call, Blick's dad offered $300 for the clubs and the woman quickly agreed (Apparently, she hadn't seen Blick's $5,000 reward offer from Dec. 9). Not a bad deal for a tour pro's set, even a beat-up one. Still, there was the matter of actually buying/retrieving the clubs from another state. That's when fate intervened again.

Blick's former roommate and teammate at San Jose State, Taylor Bromley, happened to be in Arizona visiting his parents for New Year's. So Blick Venmo'd Bromley the $300 and had him handle the in-person transaction before bringing the clubs back to California on Thursday night.

"It's nice to have them back, that's for sure," Blick said. "I spent an hour disinfecting everything. They're OK, they look alright."

The bag itself "is toast," but Blick had already gotten a new one from Titleist and had put together a set (different than the makeshift one he fired his famed 63 at Q School with) to embark with on his rookie campaign on the Tour. Blick, 25, doesn't anticipate using any of his old clubs when the season starts at the Bahamas Great Exuma Classic next week, except maybe the one he was most upset about losing: a Scotty Cameron putter he'd played since 2010.

"I've got a couple days to figure it out. I want to take it to Scotty Cameron to check on the loft and alignment," Blick said. "But I've been using it this morning and it feels pretty good, so fingers crossed."