PXG 0311 ST irons offer not only the look of a muscleback blade—they are a muscleback blade

August 12, 2019

The PXG 0311 ST continues the classic blade-like look of the heritage of the company’s 0311 franchise. But unlike the rest of the 0311 family, the 0311ST actually is a pure blade, not the hollow construction with the thin, high-strength steel face insert. As such, it’s a special entry aimed at elite players, according to company founder and CEO Bob Parsons.

Parsons’ enthusiasm to launch the iron ironically grew from the enthusiasm of the original tour player to endorse PXG’s first prototype hollow-design, muscleback-looking irons back in 2015, Ryan Moore. Moore reacted positively to the increased ability to work the ball with the one-piece forged construction of the new 0311 ST irons, and Parsons said “we couldn’t pry them out of his hands.”

“Based on his response, the response of several other outstanding golfers, and our testing, we knew we had achieved our goal,” Parsons said. “We created a 100 percent milled, pure tour blade that's money if you've got the game.”

The 0311 ST—the ST stands for “Super Tour”—is designed from a single billet of 8620 carbon steel. Every curve and degree of the head’s shape, sole angles, face and grooves is then completely milled by a CNC machine (much like the process used in producing the company’s 0311T milled wedge line, for example). The 8620 steel alloy is designed to preserve the grooves and enhance appearance because of its softness, Parsons said.

While the 0311 ST features a modern but traditional muscleback look, designers still installed some of the forgiveness elements that have been a hallmark of all PXG designs. Most notably, there are seven screw weights set into the lower portion of the back of the clubhead to add perimeter weighting and a lowered center of gravity. The weights feature three low-density lightweight titanium screws (one gram) flanked by two high-density tungsten weights in both the heel and toe (two grams).

In terms of shape, the 0311 ST features a narrower (approximately three millimeters) sole design than the 0311 T irons, previously the most compact iron in the PXG family and the iron preferred by most of the PGA Tour players using PXG irons. The 0311 ST also has a shorter blade length and blade height and a thinner top line than the 0311 T irons. The brushed nickel-chromium finish is designed to reduce glare.

The PXG 0311 T irons are available now for pre-order and are expected to begin shipping in late September at the same price as the 0311T milled wedge line ($650 per club).