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Put this high schooler in the NBA dunk contest after this ridiculous breakaway jam

February 06, 2020

Bronny James and Sierra Canyon have rightfully been getting a lot of attention—and TV time—this season, but it's time to give a little love to Utah's Wasatch Academy. According to Max Preps, the Mount Pleasant High School's boys basketball team is ranked 15th in the nation. And apparently, their roster runs DEEP.

Leading by 80 points in Wednesday's game (yes, 80 points), backup guard Brennan Rigsby got a steal and pulled off one of the best in-game, between-the-legs dunk you'll ever see. Check out this NBA Dunk Contest-worthy jam:

And for those of you thinking, that's messed up, because Wasatch Academy was up 124-44 at the time, please. What was the kid supposed to do? Dribble out the clock? Besides, in addition to being the highlight of Brennan's basketball career, that was probably the highlight of that other team's season.

Good lord. Again, this is a junior who doesn't even average 6 points per game pulling off a move like this. Imagine what their starters can do?! I'd rather watch Wasatch play than the New York Knicks. ESPN, please televise this team pronto.