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Pregnant Cleveland Browns fan and true Ohioan dresses up as Bob Wylie for Halloween

October 29, 2018
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Following the firings of Tyron Lue, Hue Jackson, and Todd Haley ALL IN THE PAST 24 HOURS, it's tough to say who's still coaching in the city of Cleveland at the moment. One head we haven't seen on the chopping block, however, is that of Browns OL coach/history buff/pliability skeptic Bob Wylie, who remains large and in charge of the Orange-domed hosses (as far as we know). This is good news both for us—the man is a Ron Swanson quote come to life—and also this Ohio mother-to-be, who used her baby bump and the Hard Knocks standout for a little Halloween costume inspo this weekend. Check it out.

Pretty scary stuff, to be honest. But you gotta love the commitment to the role. Anyone can just slap a fake mustache on and stuff a throw pillow under the ol' XL brown polo, but this brave young woman really embraced the role, right down to "SET HUT!" tummy jiggles. We're pretty sure Wylie Coyote thinks Halloween is for yoga lovers and devil worshippers (not mutually exclusive), but something tells us even he would have a good chortle over this one. Plus, it sure as hell beats Cleveland's other Halloween go-to...

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