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Philly Special fever rages on with commemorative Bud Light beer packs

August 02, 2018

Just when you thought the Philly Special had reached it's logical breaking point—grown men reenacting it in the middle of the street for the purposes of discovering the gender of their offspring, for example—Bud Light decided to go ahead and wring a couple extra bucks out of the situation with the Bud Light Super Bowl LII commemorative pack. Someone is going to get killed at a Wawa over this thing. Mark my words.

The limited-edition packs go on sale August 16th—coinciding with a preseason rematch between the Pats and Birds—and will be limited to a total of just 20,418, a not so subtle homage to 2/4/18, the day Philadelphia finally lived up its billing as a city of brotherly love, not drunk assholes kicking the back of your girlfriend's seat at the Linc in hopes that you'll turn around and say something.

Each $29.99 pack will feature one 25 oz aluminum growler (unfortunately still containing Bud Light), two pint glasses emblazoned with the Philly Special play you've now seen tattooed on a million left ass cheeks, and the chance to win a ticket to the Eagles' season opener against the Falcons on September 6th. They will be delivered in midnight green trucks that also have the Philly Special play plastered all over them because Anheuser-Busch has literally unlimited marketing funds dilly dilly:

Elsewhere in the division, the Cowboys are more worried about a song than playing football, the Giants are saddling up Eli Manning for a ride into the sunset off a cliff, and the Redskins are still a slur. In other words, the Eagles are suddenly the easiest team to root for in the cultural grease tray that is the NFC East, and that, my friends, calls for a toast.