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Philadelphia reporter asks two young kids in Phillies gear if the Phillies are going to win. It did not go well

If you know anything about Philadelphia fans, you're aware they have the ultimate love/hate relationship with all their teams. When you're winning, they are ride or die, so much so that the light poles in the city needed to be greased so people don't climb them in celebration. When you're losing, well, they loathe you more than they loathe rival teams like the New York Giants or Atlanta Braves.

This sentiment is not lost on the children of Philadelphia either, ones who have seen their dads chuck a few wooder ices against the wall after another Bryce Harper strikeout. Two kids who made the local news on Monday night would fall under this category, as neither were very high on the Phillies chances of beating the L.A. Dodgers. Watch as this reporter fishes for an easy and adorable "Phillies are going to win!" reply, only for these kids to hit her with some harsh truth:

These kids, who, by the way, are that reporter's kids, are Philly through and through, and it turns out they were spot on. In the opening game of the Dodgers-Phillies series on Monday, L.A. pounded the Phils 16-2, giving them their third loss in four games to continue their mid-season tailspin. Clearly, these tikes have been following both the Phillies and Dodgers closely all year, because they handicapped this game perfectly.

On Tuesday night, however, they must have been pleasantly surprised to see the Phillies erase a 8-6 deficit in the bottom of the ninth to get a much-needed victory. Harper saved the day:

Those two kids probably looked at each other after this happened and said "about time, we're only paying this chump $330 million over the next 13 years."