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Phil Mickelson shows off slimmed-down beach bod, continues most surprising fitness transformation in sports history

August 21, 2019

No one could have anticipated Phil Mickelson's calves being one of the biggest storylines of the golf season, but here we are. Lefty is a lower-leg god, doling out fitness advice and harshly judging fellow tour pros who flex for his approval. But Mickelson has been busy transforming the rest of his body as well.

Ahead of the Open Championship in July, the 49-year-old talked about a "hard reset" fast that had helped him shed 15 pounds in just 10 days. Unfortunately for Phil, the lower weight didn't lead to lower scores and his PGA Tour season ended at last week's BMW Championship. Instead of teeing it up at East Lake this week, the five-time major champ is catching some sand and waves—and showing off his new beach bod. Here's the photo his sister shared on Tuesday:

Um, what? Where has the Phil Mickelson who loves Five Guys and Krispy Kreme gone? More like Phil MickelSLIM, am I right? (Sure, he's sucking in, but still . . .) And how about those arms? I didn't realize he was hosting a GUN show.

In true Phil fashion, he responded to the photo with a deprecating jab:

And his followers had their own funny takes:

Mixed with some serious praise and fitness questions:

It looks like Lefty may have discovered a second career as a trainer/life coach. Phil's Phitness at Phifty has a nice ring to it.