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PGA Tour wife loses suitcase 'standoff' with husband, chivalry might actually be dead

November 29, 2023

We've got an incredible life-imitating-art-situation involving PGA Tour winner Adam Hadwin, his wife (and Golf Twitter Queen) Jessica Hadwin, and a suitcase. Or, rather, we had one.

According to Jessica, a 'silent standoff' is over after five days when she reluctantly carried her suitcase up the stairs of the Tinder couple's house. Jessica was hoping Adam would carry the bag up, but he did not. And now chivalry might actually be dead.

Tough scene. And as someone pointed out, this is a very similar to some actual scenes from an "Everybody Loves Raymond" episode two decades ago.

Amazing. Jessica added that she took clothes out of the suitcase during those days to wear so by the time she carried it up it was at least lighter.

At this point, I would just like to extend a thank-you to Adam for making all husbands—even me!—look better. And you have to wonder if his Christmas stocking will be a bit lighter come next month.