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PGA Tour caddie witnesses a golfer’s darkest moment while taking out the trash

November 02, 2023

Some people always seem to have crazy sh*t happen to them. Geno Bonnalie is one of those people. Part of that comes with the job description as Joel Dahmen’s looper, but part of it is just the cosmic card he was dealt. Whether braving some of the seediest motels on the PGA Tour, penning poems to Fred Couples or hitching rides with the most clueless shuttle driver on earth, Bonnalie is seemingly always at the center of something.

Just take this week for example. Bonnalie was at the town dump taking out the trash. For most normal people, this is a mundane chore, but for Bonnalie it became an unforgettable convergence of golf forces when a pickup truck drove up alongside him, threw a set of clubs on the ground and roared off. Yes, really.

No way. There’s just no way. What are the odds of some poor schmuck dumping their clubs at a local landfill at the exact same time a PGA Tour caddie with over 73,000 Twitter followers is sorting his recycling? There are no odds. That’s the answer. It just doesn’t happen … unless you’re Geno Bonnalie.

That said, neither us nor Bonnalie know the full story here. Was it some struggling hack’s final f-you to the game of golf? Was it a jilted lover enjoying one last twist of the knife? Was the whole thing staged for his benefit, a viral play from golf’s shadowy content brokers? Bonnalie says he plans to track down the owner for the full story, so stay tuned. We bet it's a doozy.