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This outtake from an old Bobby Knight golf show is the glorious NSFW rage-fest you’re hoping it is

November 02, 2023

On Wednesday, legendary college basketball coach Bobby Knight passed away at age 83. While the sports world relfected on Knight's athletic accomplishments, including three NCAA championships for the Indiana Hoosiers, they also remembered his infamous temper. For better or worse over the years, Knight became known for his untethered fury. Sometimes that got him into trouble, but most of the time it was played for laughs, especially when it careened into the single most frustrating activity a human being can undertake: Golf.

Like an unstoppable force colliding with an immovable object while hurtling through space at a million miles per hour, Knight and golf were a match made in viral heaven. Now, thanks to these unearthed outtakes of Coach Knight trying to film a golf tutorial video with then IU women's golf coach Sam Carmichael, we can enjoy the spectacle (and f-bombs) for years to come. Ear muffs, kiddos.

We’re honestly not sure who thought this would be a good idea. We don't know what sort of sick, masochistic instructor would ever sign up to be a part of the most obvious trainwreck since ‘The General.’ Whoever they are, however, we would like to thank them, because this clip is pure, 24K gold. So often on the internet, things go viral for being unexpected; for subverting expectation. This is effective for precisely the opposite reason: You know exactly how it’s going to go from second one and it gleefully delivers, right down to the climactic club throw.

Normally we’d advocate for anyone to stick it out, even when the going gets tough. The endless barrage of micro-frustrations is part of what makes golf so addicting. But after seeing this clip, we are willing to make an exception. Golf is a game for almost anyone ... except maybe Bobby Knight. Rest in peace, Coach.