PGA Tour caddie documents harrowing (and hilarious) winter golf experience in Idaho

November 30, 2023

If you’re still playing golf in the freezing temperatures currently sweeping much of the country, it’s time for one of two things. 1. Put the clubs away for the year. 2. Move. It’s that simple.

Sure, you’re out with your friends getting some swings and beers in, but at what cost? The courses are frozen, the birds have migrated south for the season, and at best, you’re rocking layer upon layer looking like the Michelin Man went to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Not only is your game not ready for this, but the greens themselves need a break, best exemplified by this frosty shot captured by PGA Tour caddie and Netflix star Geno Bonnalie.

Joel Dahmen’s caddie seems to attract bizarre golf scenarios from his own player Joel Dahmen to other golfers that he happens upon while out and about, and this video, recorded next to the 8th hole at the Lewiston Golf and Country Club in Idaho, is no different.

“Welcome to winter golf in Northern Idaho,” Bonnalie’s Twitter caption reads.

“Here we go. My buddy Bob out here. 102 yards on this short par 3 on this brisk Wednesday afternoon. 3 p.m. here in Northern Idaho,” Bonnalie commentates. “Greens frozen solid. Let’s see if he’s able to finagle one here. Between the bunker and the green. Oh no, this is going to land on the green, ladies and gentlemen.

“Oop! There she goes. That’s going to be down in the next tee box, unfortunately.”

The frozen green certainly gave no leeway to this unfortunate soul who went from a solid birdie look to searching for his ball in this Northern Idaho version of an arctic tundra in the blink of an eye.

Other social media comments poke fun at the frigid conditions with such witticisms as “Trampogreens,” “I thought he froze over the ball,” and “So hitting the green is a new hazard.” Brutal stuff from social media … and the golf course.

We appreciate Bonnalie seizing on this poor sap’s misfortune and documenting it for the whole internet to see, but perhaps this shows why hitting the course in winter weather is a fool’s errand. Hopefully, “Bob” got a hot toddy post-round, because he'll definitely going to need a drink after a bounce like that.