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PGA Championship 2023: Phil Mickelson actually has a great reason for wearing sunglasses in the rain

May 21, 2023

Backwards hats were all the rage during a soggy third round at the 2023 PGA Championship as players tried to survive Oak Hill by whatever means necessary. Phil Mickelson, however, kept his HyFlyers hat facing forward the entire day, instead drawing attention for wearing sunglasses.

Was this just wishful thinking that the solar planet's big star would come out (it didn't while Mickelson was playing)? Was this another really restrictive sponsorship deal? Or was this just Lefty's latest binder clip moment?

Turns out, it was none of the above. After CBS Sports' Kyle Porter tweeted about the look, Phil responded with an explanation:

That actually makes a lot of sense. And if they actually do all that, it's surprising more players don't use them. There seems to be a lot more science backing that than by turning your hat around.

Anyway, the sunglasses didn't help Mickelson too much as he shot 75 to remain near the back of the pack. On the bright side, literally, with a much better Sunday weather forecast he should be able to wear his normal sunglasses for the final round.