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PGA Championship 2020: 13 tweets that tell the story of a wild Sunday at TPC Harding Park

August 09, 2020

Wow, what a Sunday. And we’re not just saying that because it was the first major Sunday in golf in a looong time. No, the 2020 PGA Championship was an instant classic. And it wound up producing an instant superstar in Collin Morikawa. So without further ado, let’s tell the story of a wild final round in San Francisco with these 17 tweets.

Brooks Koepka may have been two behind entering the day, but he sure seemed like he was the man to beat. . . until he wasn’t:

Speaking of Brooks, Rory McIlroy reignited the Brooks-DJ flames from Saturday. Well, thanks to our own Daniel Rapaport asking him about it:

Nice job stirring the pot, Dan! Looking forward to Brooks mocking McIlroy for caring so much about regular tour wins. Let’s keep this thing going!

In other “news,” we following a decent finish by Tiger Woods, we learned that his off-weeks aren’t much fun (Go to 2:13 mark):

“Puke sessions”? No thanks.

We were reminded that with no fans on the course, players need to be a bit more careful with what they say:

And we found out that Chris Webber is a big Cameron Champ fan when he sent plenty of positive vibes his way:

But like the former NBA star, Champ remained stuck on no major victories. OK, so stuck isn’t the right word for a guy who is still only 25. He’ll be back.

Speaking of the NBA, Stephen Curry was at TPC Harding Park to take in the action:

Apparently, that whole no-fans rule doesn’t apply to two-time MVPs. Anyway, Steph picked a good golf tournament to illegally attend because it was tight down the stretch. Look at this leader board!

That’s not even that great of a tweet, but it gets the job done and I wanted to throw Chris a bone because he was the only member of our Be Right Podcast (By the way, you should be listening to that every week because we are absolutely on fire right now) crew who didn’t bet on Morikawa. Poor guy.

Ts & Ps, CP.

Ts & Ps to DJ as well. Dustin Johnson held the 54-hole lead then birdied the 55th hole to start his Sunday. Surely, he would close the deal this time, right? Wrong. Amazingly, the 21-time PGA Tour winner couldn’t get much going after than and remains stuck on one major.

At least he’s got one. Despite valiant efforts by Paul Casey and Tony Finau, they left majorless. For Casey, of course, it’s been a lot longer of a drought.

That’s a bit rude. But yeah, time to update the graphic. It’s 64 now.

Other guys like Jason Day and Scottie Scheffler made things interesting for a bit, but then Morikawa took over. And ironically, the young man known as arguably the best iron player took his first solo lead of the tournament after missing the green with his approach shot on No. 14:

And then he really seized control with this incredible drive on No. 16 that set up an eagle:

That's two legendary shots in the span of about 20 minutes. Incredible. It was all part of a final-round 64 that gave him his first major title in just his second start in one of golf’s four biggest events. To further explain how good this guy has been since turning pro last year, allow me to get one of my own tweets in the mix. What the heck.

Morikawa’s only mistake? Not keeping the Wanamaker Trophy’s lid closed in the same manner he closed the door on his first major title:

He’ll be better prepared next time. At 23, he’s not going anywhere.