PGA Championship 2019: Ian Poulter and Tiger Woods face-off in latest Conor Sketches video

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 3.12.02 PM.png

There's been no shortage of trash talk from Tiger Woods so far at the PGA Championship. Buoyed by his Masters victory, Tiger has been dragging anything and everything in his path this week, landing haymakers on John Daly and the whole of New York sports at his Tuesday press conference. Not to content to let Tiger have all the fun, however, Ian Poulter—or should we say, Fake Ian Poulter—has launched a counter-offensive the likes of which only he—or rather, Conor Sketches—could concoct. Fire up the Twitter machine and check it out:

If you've been following Conor's various impressions over the last year or so, you'll immediately recognize these two caricatures: The obliviously arrogant Ian Poulter and Tiger "The Sentient Platitude" Woods. Each are in fine fettle here, with Poulter congratulating Tiger on handling the pressure of a Poulter gallery on moving day and Tiger becoming incensed when Poulter swipes one his trademark cliches right out from under him. Needless to say, the 2020 Impression Ryder Cup is already looking pretty juicy.

In actual tournament play in actual life, however, it shouldn't be much of a contest this week...even if the conditions are really, really tough out there. As of Wednesday afternoon, Woods is clocking in at 10/1 alongside current Wanamaker holder Brooks Koepka, while Poulter is an 80/1 longgggshot. But hey, stranger things have happened. Poulter does love the haters, after all.