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PGA Championship 2019: Cameras catch Jon Rahm when he probably preferred they didn't...

May 17, 2019

Stuart Franklin

Playing in the featured group at a PGA Tour event is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, fans will get to see all your shots during a good round. On the other, fans will get to see all your shots during a bad round. There's also the chance they'll see everything you do during the day. And we mean everything.

Jon Rahm found this out the hard way during Friday's second round of the 2019 PGA Championship. On top of the Spaniard struggling mightily at Bethpage Black, cameras caught him scampering into the trees to take a leak while playing partner Dustin Johnson lined up a shot on the par-5 fourth hole.

Now THAT's streaming coverage.

We love seizing moments in which tour pros are just like us and there's nothing more relatable than not being able to hold it until you get back to the clubhouse. And what makes it even better (for us weekend hacks) is that Rahm, in the middle of a rough round, had just pitched out sideways from the rough. Pros really are just like us! Sort of. Sometimes.

Anyway, no harm, no foul here. DJ, who is moving in the right direction on Day 2 at the PGA, probably didn't even notice. And as Golf Digest's Stephen Hennessey pointed out, Bethpage Black is known as "The People's Country Club."