Peyton Manning's shredded beach bod is the real October surprise

October 15, 2020

One would have excused Peyton Manning if he let himself go in retirement. After playing nearly two decades of the most grueling sport at the highest level, ample time relaxing on the golf course or the beach is well deserved. But while we know Manning has been doing plenty of the former it's some photos of him doing the latter that are turning heads this week. And for good reason.

That's because apparently Peyton has apparently been putting in plenty of time in the gym as well. Check out these photos of the five-time NFL MVP showing off his six-pack:

Or is it an eight-pack? More like Peyton ABing, am I right?

Seriously, this is the most surprising shirtless photo of an athlete to surface since a similarly shredded Phil Mickelson at the beach last year. And while Peyton is still giving off some serious dad vibes with that Riddell bucket hat (ever the pitchman!), we're not going to act like we're not impressed.

In fact, it's turning out to be a big week for the Manning family. In addition to Peyton's abs getting some love, his nephew, Arch Manning, a sophomore sensation QB, will play on ESPN2 on Thursday night. And Peyton's brother, Eli? Well, he tweeted about both things on Thursday:

And the more recently retired NFL QB did start a 100-day, 100 push-up challenge. If he's going to keep up with big bro, though, he's going to have to add a few sit-ups to his daily routine.